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Fostering Health Innovation with Biotechnology

We aspire to be pioneers in scientific innovation by being leaders in providing deep tech solutions that address medical and aesthetic challenges for people's health. We believe in biotechnology as a highly transformative tool with the potential to drive change globally.

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Our history

A group of scientists taking samples in Antartica

Exploring the Icy Depths: A UV-Resistant Discovery

Venturing into the heart of Antarctica, our team discovered a rare breed of microorganisms, equipped with enzymes able to fight potent UV radiation. We decoded their unique genetic profiles, and from the vast array, we curated and selected organisms with unparalleled repair capabilities.

Two scientists working on a lab

Broadening the Horizon of UV DNA Repair Solutions

We knew that UV radiation inflicts two major types of direct damage to DNA. While current solutions address only one, our breakthrough dives deeper, targeting the often overlooked. We carefully selected features that allowed us further scalability in our solutions, setting a new standard in UV damage repair.

2016 - 2018

Reinventing Enzyme Production

Embracing state-of-the-art recombinant techniques, we achieved unmatched efficiency and scalability in enzyme production — a significant leap in addressing UV DNA damage. Our innovations underwent their first successful validation in in-vitro DNA repair assays. This period was not just about pioneering research, but also about setting a new industry standard with tangible advantages and a patent application.

2018 - Today

Advancing Skin Science with Proven Technology

Building on our recombinant enzyme milestones, we've transitioned from in-vitro validations to real-world implications. We've now ventured beyond surface-level efficacy. Our enzymes are engineered to penetrate deep, accessing the very core of human skin cells – even the nucleus, retaining full activity. Successfully tested in human keratinocytes and melanocytes, our technology is not just redefining skin science; it's demonstrating its unmatched depth and precision in real-world scenarios.

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Our mission

At DNAzyme, we merge science, technology and ethical commitment to provide impactful health solutions for humanity, while being sustainable for our planet.

Meet Our Professional Team

Our expertise comes together to tackle challenges at the forefront of science and technology, driving innovative solutions in these fields.

Founding Team

Juan José Marizcurrena, PhD.

Biotechnology, Recombinant Production, Bioprocessing & Scaling.

Betania Martinez, BSc.

Biology, MSc Candidate.

Célica Cagide, MSc.

Microbiology, PhD Candidate.

Stefano Valdesolo, BHR.

Business Management & HR.

Expert & Advisory Team

Roberto Rampoldi

Dermatologist Doctor.

Eric Memarzadeh

Small Molecule Formulations Expert.

César García-Laviña, PhD.

Molecular Biologist, Proteomics, Genomics.

Susana Castro-Sowinsky, PhD.

Biotechnology, Microbiology

Lucía Canclini, PhD.

Cellular Biology, Microscopy.

Michael Siani-Rose

Entrepreneurship and strategic partnerships.

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