Antarctic extremophile

Innovating health solutions

Production of recombinant assets from Antarctica for human skin health

Our exclusive active ingredients are naturally occurring, but in minuscule quantities. Science empowers us to decode the natural processes behind these ingredients, enabling us to replicate them on an industrial scale.

Solutions for human health

Unlocking nature's power: antarctic technology for skin health

The problem

Extremophiles have evolved remarkable survival strategies. Inspired by these organisms, we've developed a platform to confront some of the world's most pressing issues.

Our current global landscape reveals a stark reality: human-induced ozone layer depletion is escalating our exposure to UV radiation. The fallout is immediate and concerning - from sunburns and accelerated skin aging to deeper, molecular disruptions leading to DNA damage. Most alarmingly, this heightened exposure stands as a potent precursor to skin cancers. As we delve deeper into these challenges, our platform's inaugural focus is clear: the looming shadow of skin cancer.

Our solution

In a remarkable twist of fate, the very challenge humanity has inadvertently created through the depletion of the ozone layer has revealed a potential answer. As the ozone thinned, Antarctic extremophiles evolved unique protective mechanisms against intense UV exposure.

Our platform let us come with our first solution:  a technology that provides powerful repair against UV damage. We offer both cosmetic and pharmaceutical solutions that shield and rejuvenate the skin.
This not only protects against the everyday harms of sun exposure but also acts as a preventive measure against skin cancer.
Experience the fusion of nature's resilience with modern science, designed to enhance your skin's health and longevity.

Our approach

Rooted in the unmatched extremities of Antarctica, our platform embraces the unparalleled adaptability of extremophiles. These microscopic marvels have evolved, ironically, due to challenges accelerated by human actions. Our dedication over the past decade has unveiled potent enzymes from these extremophiles, marking our first significant stride in DNA repair solutions. Tailored for seamless expression in bioreactors, our first technology demonstrates an impressive DNA repair efficiency. Upholding a high purity benchmark, we're committed to delivering only the best for human health.

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